New Era Of Blockchain

The Innovator Of Cultural-Entertainments Industy

The company is a blockchain technology service provider that is rooted in Cultural-Entertainment industry. The company is committed to providing blockchain technology solutions and services for scene applications in the Internet plus Cultral-Entertainment industry.

The founding team has a professional background in the operation of Internet companies and entertainment industries demostic and foreign. The core team once focused on brand integrated marketing, pan-entertainment marketing, IP cross-border operations, Internet product R&D, and copyright marketization.

Pan-entertainment IP cross-border integration has become a trend

The cross-border between IP and various industries is essentially the integration of different scenarios and values. It is the fermentation of IP content through time to produce cultural value transmission and commercial economic realization in different spaces (scenes).

Blockchain Technology Creates New IP Business Map

After we precipitated a large number of artistic creation practices and copyright commercial exchange, we introduced blockchain technology into the pan-entertainment industrial ecosystem and promoted the trading and operation of the copyright market in the upstream of the industrial ecosystem in the principles of integrity, safety, and convenience. The core technical value of the Blockchain is perfectly integrated with the commercial layout of Pan-Entertainments IP.

Blockchain + copyright opens the era of pan-entertainment IP sharing

The value of a good IP should be tested by the market, and it should be regulated by the market, rather than forcing the resource monopoly to impose its copyright value that does not conform to the law of market change. Blockchain technology gives a direction of decentralized development for copyright trading, which determines that chaos in the pan-entertainment IP resource centering will be effectively contained. From now on, everyone is their favorite IP's collector and IP operator.

Facing the new era of blockchain, we will be the technological and technological innovator in the cultural entertainment industry and work together to reshape the blockchain+cultural entertainment ecosystem to a open, honest, and pragmatic place.

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Global Entertainment Copyright Intelligent Trading Platform

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The company has resource access from China, the United States, and Japan to provide a bridge for the introduction of copyright and derivative trading for more quality IP.

UnlimitedIP's U.S. partner is piloted by Teddy Zee, a famous Hollywood producer. UnlimitedIP has also obtained a number of business lines and high-quality IP cooperation from Japan including Higashino Keigo. In addition, UnlimitedIP. in the domestic side has united major film and television organizations, network organizations, game agencies, sports organizations, screenwriter studios, and even artistic creative talents from universities and colleges, etc., have initiated diversified cooperation in order to standardize the credibility, security, and stability of the global entertainment and copyright market, while cultivating and incubating high-quality domestic and foreign IPs. Provide them with diversified services such as copyright trading and copyright operation.

The future has come. The road of innovation for Blockchain plus cultural-entertainment copyright, UnlimitedIP is on duty.